I just received my healthy skincare cleaning kit and it is the best thing I've ever put on my face period!  After just 1 use, my face is smooth as a babies bottom!  I don't think my adult skin has ever been so smooth! I used the complete set and also used the lime facial scrub.  I will continue to use the forever! And at that price I can afford to!!!! Thank you so much for giving my face life!!
Super satisfied customer

K B:
These natural skin products are amazing! Over the years I have tried everything you can possibly think of, but THIS will forever be in my skin care routine. My acne scars are LITERALLY non exsistent. I thank you sheamakery for supplying us with your wonderful products. If you ever think of discontinuing anything PLEASE bypass your skincare products! :)

​I purchased the skin clearing kit and in as little as two weeks I began to see a dramatic difference in my acne and scars. It has now been almost eight weeks my acne is clear and my scars are minimal. Thank you Shea Shea Bakery for such a wonderful combination of products.

After using these products for a month I have noticed a remarkable difference! My pores are cleared, my scars are lighter, and my face feels fresh after the moisturizer- not to mention it smells fantastic! Also I will add that the customer service through email is amazing! I needed advice before I bought my products and I received a very personable email. Great customer service and all around I am incredibly pleased. Will be buying more in the future!

I received your products as a gift and finally purchased my own. I absolutely love everything about this product. From the easy purchasing to the fast shipping. then there's the perfect packaging and OH MY GOODNESS the smell! It smells so perfect. It smells exactly like cookies and cream ice cream. Either way, I LOVE this butter and I can't wait to purchase more items! Superb company ! Kudos!!! oh ps: there was candy in my package- it was such a personal touch.

Really nice product, I'm so in love with the packaging! I'm always hesitant about ordering from the US to the UK in case I don't like them but this truly is a unique product I had to get my hands on. Can't wait to try out other fragrances and products like the sugar scrub in the future, thank you.

Dear Sarah,
I received my skin care products yesterday, and wanted to thank you for a speedy delivery. I held back from giving a review as I wanted to give it time to work on my skin, but to be honest in just over a week of my first purchase I started to see a difference. I've tried different skin care products and even black soap, but neither of those products had the effect your products had on my skin, in such a short time. I just thought there was nothing out there for me, but you prove me wrong. My 15 year old son is using it and there's been a difference with his face too, he loves it.
I also have bought your body butters, and words cannot express the scent and moisture I get on my skin. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and talents,  I wish you and your family the best with your business, and I'll be your customer for a long time.

SHERIEDA W, Milwaukee WI:
I just wanted to tell you that I love your product.  I have turned so many people on to your product in Milwaukee simply by just wearing it.. And letting people smell the samples that I purchased.  I am usually skeptical about ordering things but, I am glad that I took a chance with you!! I love how soft it makes my skin feel and of course the different scents.  I wish you nothing but, great success.. I am a very happy customer :)

To Sarah, please keep making this wonderful product. Just got mine today and I must say I love it! I put some on today, I got the sugar cookie and strawberry frosting body butter, well went to pick up my daughter and she thought I went to the bakery, that's how good this smells! Love it, will order again. Thinking the scrub next..I will definitely love this site! Customer for a good long time. THANKS!!

Words cannot explain how great this product is. The customer service is so fast and responsive. it feels like she's on the same page with you on everything. This is my 3rd purchase from her and this stuff is really effective on the dark marks and for me this nearly clears up the dark sections on my face. This lids look phenomenal and the butter scent hits every note that the cinnamon bun has and honestly I'm obsessed with this. Thank you so much Sara, i appreciate everything.

THANK YOU!!! My skin thanks you and I thank you. It's been only a week and already I have seen a noticeable change. I will continue to buy from, celebrate and brag about Shea Shea!!!Thank you from my family to yours. 

Newport News VA
I found Shea Shea Bakery on IG and was immediately drawn to them by the detail in their Shea butter tops. I purchased a few items for a live giveaway I was having for my blog and I could never have been prepared for the amazing smell when I got my package! Customer Service is awesome, packaging is beautiful-you can tell they take pride in what they do and pay attention to detail. I haven't been able to stop talking about them to everyone I know and meet! I'll definitely be buying again soon. I'm a fan.

Dear Sarah, I recently received my order of body and hair butters, I am speechless! The scents are intoxicating and the designs are amazing. My words cannot express how much I love your product. I will be ordering from you again and have already been referring your company to everyone I know. God has blessed you with a wonderful talent and gift! Keep up the fantastic work!!!

I purchased the sample pack that had 8 different scents and I must say I LOVE the Shea butter from this company. Combined with the products I use, it works as a great moisturizer and curl definer. Also a little goes a long way so the product definitely has longevity. Of the sample pack I got the peach, red velvet cake. and the brownie samples were my favorite. I will definitely be purchasing the full sized versions of these products!

I bought a small jar to keep in my purse for my hands and I'm so obsessed! The scent is delicious! And the jar is adorable! I will definitely be purchasing again!!

Ordered from SHEA SHEA BAKERY received my product within two days used my body butter and I LOVED IT moisturized my skin greatly much better than lotions. Great communication with shop owner very friendly and easy to talk to. I will always purchase from SHEA SHEA BAKERY my hair and skin products. I will definitely be a regular.

JONELLE J, Brooklyn NY:
After a small hiccup (that was of no fault of Sheamakery) I finally received my order and the pictures do them no justice! The design is too cute (I bought the Blueberry one for a co worker and she honestly thought they were real lol. Went on to say 'Kudos' to whoever thought of the design lol.) Not to mention the smell is HEAVENLY and the texture is great as well. My only complaint is that they aren't edible lol. I'll be buying more from them in the future!
PS - The customer service is great! Very friendly and eager to help with any problems!

CHELCIA B, Shawnee KS:
Just received my Shea Butters today! My sample set will arrive tomorrow. The customer service was excellent, & the products are even better! They smell soooo good, & I love the texture. I will definitely be ordering more! Thank you!

It smells exactly like chocolate chip cookies. My orders arrived on time. I am very pleased with all of my purchases. The seller is super nice. I will definitely purchase more in the future!

WENDY C, Canonsburg PA:
Bought as treat for daughter-everything smells wonderful & appreciated quick service!

I have purchased your butters and I must say they are BOMB!!!! I'm on my second order.  Will be purchasing a whole lot more. I think they are going to be Xmas gift this year. My skin loves it, and the smell AWESOME. Keep doing what you doing, and I will keep ordering. Thank You!

I'm in love with the smell of my Butter Pecan Ice Cream Shea butter. Great not only for your skin but for your hair especially if your going natural! Not only is it 100% organic but fairly cheap.

I LOVE LOVE, LOVE the Oatmeal Purifying Mask! After having a few questions for Sarah about the refill kit, I immediately ordered it. My skin is so soft and smooth after using. I leave the mask on for about 1/2 an hour and my skin looks brighter!! I am a fan and look forward to purchasing other products from your website. Thank you.

This shop is very professional and very friendly. This Shea Butter smells delicious, I love how it has a light vanilla smell that is not overpowering. I had contacted them about shipping and they told me the shipping date. It literally came two to three days later. I will definitely be ordering again.

JENNIFER S, Ft Lauderdale FL:
Ordered the mint chocolate ice cream sample, Omg it smells exactly like the ice cream!!! I decided to order the full size and keep it on my work desk. Have gotten so many compliments about how adorable the jar is. Great product, great service! 

I LOVE Shea Shea Bakery! I first was introduced to these products through my monthly Ujamaa Box and fell in love with their mini cupcake soaps that smelled JUST like an actual cupcake! I love the craftsmanship that goes into making the 3D lids that look good enough to eat and that matches the smell that you choose exactly!! My boss actually told me I had to stop wearing their Shea butter because I was making everyone in the office hungry :) I am an 100% supporter of these products!

CHERIESE W, Pittsburgh PA:
I love the products so much! I will be purchasing full sizes in the next few days! And I couldn't keep the excitement to myself, I wrote a blog about my experience!