User Agreement


First and foremost it is our desire to exceed the expectations of every customer. We sincerely want to be the end all, be all for every customer in the skincare industry. Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that not all customers come to us with good intentions. Internet fraud costs companies across the country billions of dollars every year and bullying can cause employees a significant amount of stress.

With the boom of social media and expansion of online shopping, we have elected to follow the lead of several large retailers and outline our policy for anti-fraud and bullying by customers. By doing business with Shea Shea Bakery you agree to not partake in the following behaviors:

Swearing and Foul Language

Screaming, derogatory, racially charged, swearing or intimidating language when speaking with our agents by telephone or online. 

Stalking Employees & Threats of Harm

Stalking employees and/or their significant others on social media or in local communities. This includes but is not limited to a barrage of emails and messages aimed at intimidating employees, anger-fueled rants and/or phone calls.

Chargebacks & Stolen Credit Cards

Performing chargebacks for items received and/or using a stolen credit card as payment of an order. In both of these cases we reserve the right to regain funds by turning all paperwork over to the authorities and will pursue legal action if deemed necessary.

Social Media Bullying & Threats of Intimidation

Making false or derogatory statements about the company or products for the purpose of harming the company. This includes statements such as, “If you don’t do what I am asking, then I will leave a bad review or will go on social media to ruin your business.” Threats and Intimidation of this kind are strictly not tolerated and false statements may be met with legal action if deemed necessary.

Company Reviews & Dishonesty

Shea Shea Bakery works hard to exceed every customer’s expectations. Our goal is to have happy customers and repeat business. The reality is not all online reviews are honest or have pure motives. Sometimes they are placed by competitors or affiliates of competitors with the goal of harming the company. Placing dishonest or inaccurate reviews on social media platforms is not acceptable and may be met with legal action if deemed necessary.



Shea Shea Bakery reserves the right to pursue legal action against any customer or competitor who fails to abide by the aforementioned user agreement. In determining the damage a customer could possibly inflict on the company by use of a false public statement, the count of monthly views of the said statement will be multiplied by our current average order value. Damages will be assessed as determined by a court of law and recovered within the statues set out by Florida Law.