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What's Up With Millennials?

PART I - Millennials...

They've been described as ‘lazy, entitled, self-centered, stubborn, narcissistic' etc....you get the picture. The list can be a page of unflattering traits that describe millennials today. While this may be true for some is it best to label them all this way? The short and quick answer is 'Yes', but is that a true picture? 

It may appear so, however, we all know it’s not that simple. The most notable visual of a millennial is:

■ Posting on social media, 

■ The selfie(s)

■ How many likes/dislikes

■ Earbuds on & music blaring

■ Totally immersed in their phone or the latest gadget

I wonder, how are they so oblivious to their surroundings or anyone within 3 feet of them? YouTube is filled with moments of their engrossment. You see them walking into people, fountains,  traffic, walls, etc. WHY? What can be that interesting? Why can't they put the cell down? How many selfies can you take & post? How many post do I need to see of their food? Am I being overly critical? Is this narrative unfair? Does my focus appear too negative?

Most times when dealing with them I question, is this person really 30 something? Why do I feel like I'm dealing with someone's moody child? Don't they know their behavior is not only unprofessional but disrespectful???

This is the tricky part for us and them. While we the older generation (50 and up) are expecting more from them, I must admit we are partially to blame for their behavior. We have over nurtured, spoiled, and contributed to this selfish, entitled, disrespectful. disloyal, unthankful, headstrong attitude. Our best intentions to make their lives better has backfired and our attempts as parents and society as a whole appears to be failing miserably.To be blunt we have replaced ‘Facetime’ with 'Facebook’! Isn't that a play on words???

We have nurtured them to thinking less and thanking less. Why do I say that? Well history helps. Each generation has progressed and regressed at the same time and the millennials are no different than the 'Baby Boomers', 'Generation x’s', and the countless others who preceded them. Parents of this era have been complacent and it shows.  They aren’t pushed untill they see something beneficial for them and that's the reality.

to be continued....

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