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5 Ways to Keep Your Melanin Skin Poppin in the Dry Heat


Ladies, if you’re anywhere near the East Coast (and I’m sure everywhere else), then it’s clear that the weather report no longer affects what you may actually wear the next day. Hot in February, raining for days in May. 80s one day and back to the 40s the next. This weather is CRAY!

It’s safe to say that we can expect a rather hot and more than likely, dry three or four months of summer. So how can we keep those elbows, knee-caps and shoulders glistening despite the weather? We have you covered with everything thing you need to know about keeping your melanin, golden glow popping.

1.Turn It Down

Ok ladies, we know: Who doesn’t love a good, hot shower after a long day? We all do, but hot showers can also dry out your skin in any climate. Consider turning it down a few notches (warm works)  in order to preserve some of your natural silky before washing your day away.

2.Get Out (of the water)

The experts tell us that more than a ten minute shower is overdoing it (breath ladies, just breathe). Staying in the water too long (even to bathe) can make your skin drier than it was prior to bathing or showering. Pruning isn’t too cute. Get in and get out as quickly as you can and save yourself (and your water bill) some coins.

  1. Lather it on Quick.

As soon as you jump out of the shower, dermatologists recommend lathering your moisturizer immediately onto damp skin in order to preserve and protect the natural oils your skin produces on its own. Waiting too long means your pores close up and reapplication will be necessary sometime in your near future - possibly before the day ends.

  1. Water is BAE

Did you know that drinking water is not just good for your body in general (it is 80% water after all), but it's’ also great for your skin, hair and nails. Drinking water hydrates every part of your body including your skin. When it comes to products or things you put on your body, make sure you read the label and see water in the first five ingredients. Water is an important part of your skin’s moisture retention inside and out.

  1.  Keep Your Cool

I know this one sounds a little silly, but putting on hot, fresh-out-the-dryer clothing can actually cause your skin to be a bit dryer. Try to put on clothing that is fresh, but not so fresh that you can still smell the dryer sheet. Slip into something cool instead of that hot-out-the-dryer t-shirt. Your skin will thank you.

Now that you know how to keep your skin glowing, glistening and glamorous in dry weather, there’s nothing to stop you from making this summer your best one yet!

What do you do to keep your skin silky during dry heat?

Tell us about your moisture method in the comments below.

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