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DIY Glamify Your Favorite Room

DIY  Glamify Your Favorite Room

Ladies, let’s talk about our bathrooms. Yes, the keeper of the porcelain throne, lover of the steam from our showers, beholder of all things hair, skin and makeup related and the place we usually visit first thing in the morning and right before bed. Let’s face it: our bathrooms see more of us than our families do. With all that time and energy coming in and out of that space, why not make it pretty? You may as well get ready in style as your prepare to slay your day and the world.

We have curated (10) of only the best, most affordable and of course pretty-girl certified ways to glam up your bathroom without breaking your bank. Go from potty room to powder room in ten easy and totally doable mini-remodeling steps:


  •      1. Add Shelves
  • Shelves can add a lot of glam to a formerly drab space. Whether it’s shelves to store items that always seem to backup on your counter or to display artwork, pretty candles or pictures, shelving can solve several problems at once. Checkout over 40+ ways to jazz up your space with DIY shelves here.

    1. Organize Your Counter in Style

    It can be difficult (especially in small spaces) to find ways to store your bath and beauty tools in ways that don’t look crowded or untidy. Luckily, the lovely lady of the Life as a Mama blog has come up with several insanely affordable and chic ways to organize your items in both a feng shui and functional way. Checkout her methods here.

    1. Frame Your Bathroom Mirror

    Every morning you start with the “[Wo]man in the mirror,” so why not add a stylish frame to that beautiful reflection? Adding a frame can add texture, color and character to an otherwise “builder basic,” mirror as blogger, Christina tells us in her post that details different options for framing. Girl, get your frame on with this article.

    1. Leave it All on the Floor (with Peel and Stick Floors)

    Sometimes we can get so caught up in the surface areas of our bathrooms, that we totally overlook our floor (don’t ask me the last time I mopped). This tutorial will give you a simple and affordable method for switching out the old drab flooring with new, clean and chic flooring option. Read more here.

    1. Add an Accent Wall

              Ever hear the phrase, “if these walls could talk…?” Why not give the walls and your guests something to say with a DIY accent wall? Jazzing up the main focal point of your bathroom could be all the change you need to spice up your powder room into a pamper room.
    1. Paint Your Cabinets

        When the old wood look isn’t doing it for you, consider adding a splash or two of color to those cabinets. Whether you go with soft pastels, farm-house vibes or something totally out of the box, this DIY option can change the mood of your bathroom from “ehh” to “Ah!”

        Wet your paint brushes here.

    1. Class Up Your Counter

       We all know that bathroom counters can get stained, chipped, burned (almost forgot those curlers were on), and just plain unpleasant to look at after awhile. As you wonder when or how that stain got there, consider getting a super affordable counter makeover with contact paper. That’s right, marble contact paper. Nancy tells us all we need to know in order to fake it like we didn’t make it with marble contact paper counter overlays here.

    1. Bring the Beach

       Another cool way to add something new and memorable to your bathroom is to create a custom bath mat made out of ocean stones! Whether you’re a Cali girl in a landlocked world or a beach enthusiast looking to bring some of the waves to your humble abode, this DIY is sure to make some ripples in your bathroom decor. Jump in here.

    1. Paint Your Sink

       When the cracked, stained and possibly discolored sink in your bathroom starts to become more of an eyesore, consider giving it a nice 2-3 coat paint job! Your colors will be limited as a special type of Epoxy paint is required, but it would be nice to give your sink a clean slate. Try the method in this article and make that sink glow again!

    1. Shower in Style and Steam

      Have you ever been in the middle of  a nice lather, singing some Adele song to the TOP of your lungs and dreaming up your next move when you notice how yuck the inside or entire being of your shower curtain is? Thank God I’m not the only one. Luckily, there are over 15+ DIY ways you can jazz up your shower curtain to bathe and shower in style. Pull back the curtain here.

    There you have it ladies. Get ready for the “wow,” when folks see the premium results you achieved for an affordable price. Start painting, patching and shelving your sham to glam bathroom today!

    What area of your bathroom needs a makeover?

    Which idea will you try first?

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